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One Family’s Trash: City Beat 2009

Here is another old article that I was interviewed for that I recently turned up. It ran in the Green Edition of City Beat in 2009 and explores eliminating waste. This is possible if we understand how to design things to last as long as possible and make them with repairable parts that can then be recycled and or composted and then replaced with recycled or naturally grown renewable parts to replace the broken part. The challenge of this, which directly challenges the consumer economy is that we must start investing in homes that we own debt free, and provide for all our needs of water, heating, cooling, and electricity with as little input as possible as well as homes with low maintenance edible landscaping, forest gardens, small livestock and annual gardens (i.e. permaculturally designed yards). This is critical because when we design things to last we will not have to make as many and thus results in lower employment. So if instead we invest in houses that become life giving rather than consuming we can manage to have partial employment of working 20 hours a week rather than struggling to make ends meet working 40+ hours a week. Anyways, connecting the dots of our economy and ecology are critical to solve the conundrum or modern societies ecologically unsustainable ways.



Part 2: Intro to Permaculture in Edible Ohio Valley

This is the second half of the Introduction to Permaculture that I wrote for Edible Ohio Valley for their summer issue. This has just come out and is still on stands around the Cincinnati Area. So go on out and get a copy and support a wonderful magazine.

This article explores application and broadacre approaches to permaculture, both globally and locally. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!

A short interview with

This is a nice article from an interview in 2011 about the foundations of why we need to do Permaculture:

Civic Garden Center Class & the Childrens permaculture garden in Walnut Hills

This is a lovely article by Madeline Dorger about the Children’s Permaculture Garden in Walnut Hills and one of our classes at the Civic Garden Center about Permaculture

City Beat: One Family’s Trash

An Article covering our throw away culture, with input by Mike Reynolds, the creator of the Earthships:

Intro Article on Permaculture in Edible Ohio Valley

For those of you who have not seen the current issue if Edible Ohio Valley, there is part 1 of a 2 part series introducing Permaculture and its foundations, that I wrote for them. They are fairly comprehensive and should give any reader a strong foundation as to what is permaculture and why it is so critical to a peaceful future for humanity. Here is a link to the first article:

Keep an eye out for the 2nd part in the fall issue of Edible Ohio Valley

City Beat Article: Don’t Panic its Organic

For those of you who missed our article in the March 16th 2011 edition of City Beat here’s a link: