International Development Work & Trainings

International Development Work: Braden can bring his 15 years of knowledge and expertise anywhere in the world to assist with you development Projects.

Domestic International Development Trainings: He can also develop a catered International Development Training for people going to go do International Development, right here at home, as prep/education before departure. These can be hosted anywhere in the US.

Braden has been traveling internationally for most of his life. His first opportunity to teach permaculture was in Thailand, but instead, he turned it down to focus on teaching at home in Cincinnati, to hone his craft. Since then he has worked on many scales, ranging from City and County Government down to farms, community gardens and backyards

He began his international teaching in 2012, working with Women and Children’s Hope Foundation in Timo, Haiti, the most densely populated and poorest country in the world by many rankings. He has had great success teachings students there and setting them on the journey toward a sustainable future. While there he has also taught Permaculture at the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture on behalf of USAID as well as local farmers. He has demonstrated the it is possible to make change on any scale with his work there.

He has brought this background experience, and more importantly his understandings the fields of:

  • Planning
  • Vernacular and Sustainable Architecture
  • Comprehensive Water Systems from roof to river
  • Sustainable, regenerative agriculture at any scale
  • Social Design (the change is only as strong as the people trained in it)
  • Business development
  • Energy Systems

to his development work, combined with the dynamics of cultural change from the micro to the macro scale, the foundations of energy theory, climate and ecosystem adaptability to create appropriate solutions for a culture in transition.

He brings this experience along with his natural teaching ability to train people in appropriate development practices founded in Permaculture. He has trained students in these fields who have gone on to do work in Morrocco and the Dominican Republic with great success.

If you have a development project that you are looking for assistance in, either through domestic preparation or on the ground International Development, Braden can sculpt an appropriate program for you needs.