International Teaching, Design & Development Assistance

IMG_9541If your organization is looking to bring permaculture to a region to help create a more sustainable future both ecologically and economically, we can help. Whether it is training locals so they can go on and train others or if it is simply designing a demonstration/education site to show what is possible we can help you fulfill your goals. We have successfully brought Permaculture to the Mountains of Haiti where we have now set up a Permaculture Research site to research sustainable mountain peasant agriculture which consists of sites that are typically around 1 acre on steep mountain sides. We have been able to do this with 4 short visits  consisting of an average of 1 week in the region each. We have trained them in the fundamentals of Permaculture and they are now training other local farmers in these fundamentals. (Please read on below to learn about the scope of our work there.) We have traveled the world and there is no ecosystem or culture that wouldn’t benefit from learning the Permaculture fundamentals of how to create sustainable future modeled after nature’s success of 4 Billion years. If you really want to serve people and help them create a future for their grandchildren then Permaculture is tried and true around the globe.



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