2015 Winter Permaculture Design Certification with This-Land.org

To register or for questions about our courses, please email Braden at the following address:

Info@This-Land.org  Or Call at 513-569-2579


2015 Permaculture Design Course (PDC)

Winter Weekend PDC

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This course will teach you how to design and begin to implement the creation of a regenerative culture, the path of the next millenium, starting at your back door. We will cover the following of Permaculture design:


  • principles and methods of design to create a sustainable site and future
  • Synthesizing Agriculture with Ecology
  • regenerative building , foundations of renewable energy
  • roof to river water capture & management
  • resilient community design and much more.


This course is taught through This-Land.org, our local Permaculture 501c-3, the Umbrella for the Cincinnati Permaculture Guild, with Braden Trauth and Ande Schewe.

Braden teaching Permaculture to Haitian Farmers

Braden teaching Permaculture to Haitian Farmers








Braden has spearheaded the development of the Cincinnati Permaculture Scene for over 8 years now, being involved in the train of Permaculturalists from UC, to Cincinnati State & This-Land.org. He has also been teaching internationally and has spearheaded the development of a Sustainable Agriculture Research site in the Mountains of Haiti.

Ande teaching Edible Forest Gardening in our 2012 PDC

Ande teaching Edible Forest Gardening in our 2012 PDC









Ande is the person who turned Braden on to Permaculture 13 years ago after getting Certified on the West Coast. Since then he has been pioneering, exploring and teaching about Permaculture in the local region. He has taught with us since our first Course in 2008. He has been market Farming for the last 8 years on the family farm, Wind Dance Farm and now on Wind Break Family Farm where he and his Wife Lauren and their 2 children continue to expand the research and living of Permaculture.

This course will also include our core teachers from Grailville, Enright Urban Ecovillage, Wind Dance Farm, Greensleeves farm and much more. This course is a life changing event and has inspired and impacted the lives of 100 plus students in the Cincinnati Region.



The course will be a weekend PDC spread out over five weekends.  This allows for ample time for students to digest the material, get hands-on experience and work on the final design project and presentation. Between the urban and the rural sites we will learn directly of observations from the blend of established systems and exploratory projects. The course will be both a great example of regenerative broad-acre practices and small-scale intensive Permaculture; Urban and rural.

Dates: The following weekends (Friday – 6-9 pm, Saturday & Sunday 9-7pm):

  • Februrary 27, 28 & March 1st
  • March 6, 7, 8
  • March 14th
  • March 20, 21, 22

Locations: Pricehill, Greensleeves Farm, Home Meadow Song Farm, Building Value and Imago at the Enright Urban Ecovillage


Course Fee:  $600 with a $50 early bird discount until February 1st


****includes some catered local lunches and a permaculture manual****




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