Design & Consultation

We at OM Valley offer design and consultation for those who don’t have the time to participate in one of our Permaculture classes. We are happy to offer design/consultation work to those clients who are looking to create a more interactive and sustainable lifestyle,whether at their home or business. They can be from low maintenance edible landscapes to efficient, fully engaged self sustaining homesteads, depending on your time and interest. We also offer Strategic Regenerative Business development, which will help your business thrive during these changing times. Every step we take on the journey to minimize our ecological footprint is a mile for the next millenium of regenerative living.

Base map of a suburban property laying out existing trees and cover for appropriate design of the edible landscape proposal

This is because we design our systems to leverage maximum impact with minimal input. Each time we plant an edible landscape, design an energy efficient home, install regenerative energy systems or create a business that aligns with nature’s principles, we have an exponential impact for the future of our children and of all life on planet earth. This is what we hope we can help you to do on your journey to a regenerative lifestyle and culture.

We Design from the small scale to the large scale:

  • Yard
  • Home
  • Business
  • Farm
  • Community
  • Bioregion

We do this through:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Seminars
  • Classes & Education (check out our Classes page)
  • Teaching for Hire: if you would like us to teach a course, we will travel and help organize events for you, anywhere in the world

In person, intial consultations (typically 1-2 hours long for anything under 5 acres or a less thorough consultation for larger properties) with a 1-2 page write up – $150

Further consultation work, on site or via phone or email: $60/hour

Design work: $40/hour

Implementation Rates: $35/hour, additional employees: $30/hour/worker

Teaching, Workshops, Classes and Seminars: Please contact us for rates

Travel Rates

  • within 30 minutes of Downtown Cincinnati – Free
  • 30-45 minutes from Downtown Cincinnati  – $20
  •  45 minutes and up: $15/hour + $.52 mile

Please contact Braden Trauth at or via phone at 513-569-2579 for questions or to schedule a consultation

Final proposal with edible landscaping that is both attractive, productive and can handle the shade tolerances created by the existing tree canopy

Zone & Sector Analysis for clients seeking to homestead

Final proposal, complete with windbreak on the western side of the property, edible landscaping, food forests, gardens, and passive solar workshop/greenhouse


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