US teaching

Camera card april 4 2009 495 copy smallWhen Teaching or doing educational outreach in Cincinnati, Braden primarily teaches through the Cincinnati Permaculture Institute (formerly, Cincinnati’s local Permaculture Education non-profit. You can find more information about our local classes at He also teaches at University of Cincinnati and has consulted for Xavier University, taught at Cincinnati State Community College, the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture on behalf of USAID and the Earthship Academy in Taos, NM. If you would like him to teach for your organization please contact him to see what can be arranged. If you would like to organize an independent class please contact the Cincinnati Permaculture Institute to see what can be arranged with them and your interests in hosting a class. They host classes in all things sustainable but primarily focus on Permaculture Design Certifications. Braden Trauth and the Cincinnati Permaculture Institute have graduated over 150 Certified Permaculturalists since they started teaching under OM Valley, going back 10 years and then transitioned into in 2012 and the Cincinnati Permaculture Institute in 2015. Braden is always looking for new partners to help spread the word to our greater community in Cincinnati and abroad.


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