What is Permaculture?

I like to call Permaculture “Living on Planet earth 101”, or “Whole Systems Thinking” because it is a holistic progressive green design movement that focuses on working with the laws of nature to fulfill human needs to create a sustainable human society that is harmonized with the planet. It touches upon most aspects of our lives including food production, construction, energy, the arts, economics, and much much more. In short, Permaculture is the synergy of Society with Ecology (the sustainable element), achieved through the use of Design Methods (Creative Problem solving) to create low work, high yielding (resource) systems to fulfill all of our needs to live on this planet; while at the same time working to create more diverse, harmonized, & resilient ecosystems for the planet. Just imagine going from endless miles of inefficient agriculture, homes, & communities dependent on finite fossil fuel and other resources produced half way around the world to fulfill their needs to a Permaculture based society; a way that fulfills all of its needs through local natural cycles with minimal human input and produces abundant amounts of resources to fulfill our needs as well as natures! Imagine the abundance, sustainability, and resilience that can be created millenia to come! Just picture the Garden of Eden! Permaculture works with nature rather than resisting nature. It is a method that is so natural, harmonized, & empowering that suddenly no problem is to large to overcome!

One of the Key Concepts of Permaculture Design



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