Re-Generation Bi-Weekly Series

Spiritual and Ethical Discussions on Creating a Perma-culture from the Root to the Fruit

Individually empowered Collectively Harmonized

Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share

It’s time to evolve. This is a rare time in Human History, so how do we make the most of it? With Resources Dwindling and populations growing, resulting from a 100,000 year march out of Africa, which has helped us evolve into a Global Species, we must evolve in order to continue humanities upward journey. We must embody our personal, spiritual and religious ethics along with our amazing scientific awareness to initiate a New Operating System on Planet Earth. One that is founded in Ethics and Modeled on Nature’s 4 Billion Years of Success. One that embodies that we are one Human Family with infinite local adaptations to live regeneratively on this planet. Therefore it requires us to call into question every system humanity has known and ask, “Does it help us acheive an ethically Resilient and Regenerative Culture, just like nature in order to provide for all current and future generations?” All this while embodying that we are one global human family that must learn to cooperate to create an age of the likes that humanity has never known? Perhaps, more appropriately, we are creating a Prema-Culture? (Prema being the sanskrit word for love)

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”

1st & 3rd Tuesday of Every Month,  7pm

Re-Generation Each Week will feature a different Topic of Discussion to assist on the Journey

suggested donation: 5$

OM Valley Permaculture: 1869 Robley Ave., Cincinnati, Oh. 45223 (Northside)

For questions please email Braden at

To learn more please click on the link to Re-Generation on the left or visit (prema being the Sanskrit word for Love)

Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share


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