Summer Update

Well its been a hot one, which we all know if you reside here in the Ohio Valley. Definitely one for the record books. Here at OM Valley, we’ve been working on continuing the development of the site, primarily focusing on finishing out our natural building demonstration building. So far the roof is on, we are starting to enclose it with scrap plywood and insulate with miscellaneous insulation materials, some salvaged, some new and some repurposed, like old styrofoam. We are beginning to put on the siding as well, which is salvaged cedar fencing, which will be used for clapboard siding. It has been moving along at a snails pace when the weather abides.

Other than that we are working on finishing out’s non-Profit status, which will hopefully come through here shortly, writing articles for Edible Ohio Valley, keeping the nursery watered and harvesting the bounty of the third and fourth years at my two experimental sites. This years bounty includes table grapes (which have done great with the drought), Peaches, Blackberries (although the drought hit them really hard), raspberries, a few Blueberries, lots of eggs, plums, mulberries, greens, pears which will be ripe shortly, and plenty of mint tea to keep us cool.

Image Its interesting experimenting with what mitigates the drought. So far letting the yard grow out has proven to be a very big success with mitigating the drought but also encouraging wildlife to return. the birds that come through here on a daily basis are spectacular, as I suspect this offers a refuge, for the birds that prefer prairie, in the middle of the city. I’ve also loved witnessing the the enormous myriad of pollenator’s that flock to the spearmint, mountain mint and other wildflowers returning. It truly is a journey back into balance, while reaping abundance with minimal work. If it wasn’t for applying these Permaculture techniques, I suspect I would find little time to manage a garden throughout this drought with the many other projects on the plate. It is quite a joy reaping the harvest after several years of implementation. I will say that there are many other experimental Edibles I will be endeavoring into with here shortly that will expand this harvest in the coming years.


3 responses to “Summer Update

  1. Way to go Brad!!! Been kind of busy here….but we will try to get to one fo your events before it snows!!! (smile) Keep in touch & we will too!! …Us gyspy gardeneers might become traveling gyspy gardeneers!! Planting trees all over…..!!Still “up” with nature!!!
    Wish ya the best & then some… Keep up the great work!!..Birdie

  2. i really love to hear your experiements are giving you bounty! I have taken your inspiration from our meeting at the fairgrounds a few years ago and moved up my adoptaspot formation here in Hartwell. I grow mint, and other types fo FULL sun plants mostly from our garden to cut down on our neighbors need to MOW those areas. Keep up the great work. If you need someone to do a workshop on worm bin, I’d be glad to assist! Peace out.

  3. I find that our local bumble bees really love our Bradford Pear in the spring, and our PURPLE flowers as the season progresses. So I try to keep A LOT of purple around my garden and up into our adopt a spots too.

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