Permaculture Comes to the University of Cincinnati

We are proud to announce that we will be offering a 3 Credit Hour Introduction to Permaculture through the Horticulture Program at the College of DAAP at UC. We will teach you how to understand the shifts that Society is currently going through and how to address them to create a resilient future. We will explore the simple foundations of Energy Theory, learn how this affects every aspect of our lives and understand how we can start to design our Yards, Homes, Farms, Communities and Bioregions for Resilience and Regeneration in the face of Current Energy & Climate Change realities.

 This Course will be February 10-12 (23HORT498 Special Topics in Horticulture), Friday 6-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am – 6pm.  Some course work will be required prior to the first course meeting, and a final assignment will be required after course meeting.

Build upon this Introduction and become a Certified Permaculture Designer:

If you intend to become a Certified Permaculture Designer, taking this Introductory Course will count for a portion, and thus a discount for the 6th Permaculture Design Certification Course Hosted by Please visit for more information about the certification course.

To Learn more please contact Braden:

For Questions or to Register please Contact Virginia Russel:


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