Looking to go deeper into Permaculture? Check out the Carbon Farming Course 1/17/12 – 2/5/12


Well I just registered for the 2012 Carbon Farming course at the Pfeiffer Center in Spring Valley, NY, the place where Biodynamic Agriculture was first brought to  the US some 80 or 90 years ago. It is quite the perfect home for this course as agriculture seeks its next evolution in learning how to feed the world but now with the combined challenges of dwindling natural resources, growing populations, which has been enabled by fossil fuel, which has added the layer of   Global Climate change challenges into the mix, thus raising the bar that much higher… What challenging trinity! But I believe we can do it if we each step up to the challenge, similar to what our grandparents generation did during the Great Depression and the subsequent World War 2. Humanity has faced many complex challenges as it has grown exponentially on the Global petri dish, but this is the greatest one yet. Fortunately we have many resources that have simultaneously arisen in conjunction with these challenges, that if used properly, can help us overcome them. Things like the internet and the double edged sword of travel that can help us exchange ideas that help us implement evolutionary change that much quicker…. This Course is one of those events that will help us advance our understanding of the solutions as experimented by this wonderful line up of teachers that, combined, makes up well over a centuries worth of trial and tribulations on the forefront of Sustainable ag. Some of these challenges have followed us for millenia, like that of annual grain production which most often results in soil erosion and thus desertification. Fortunately through the work of many, if not all of these presenters, we are learning how to address this fundamental failure. Each one is such a heavy hitter in their field that it would require a much longer article to do each on justice… the easiest is to provide a link to their bios… http://carbonfarmingcourse.com/trainers

Anyways, if you are thinking about kickin up your ability to give back more than you’ve taken out then join this course and learn about how a stable, regenerative future is going to play out, beginning in our own back yards or farms… Its time to evolve


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