2012 Winter PDC…. our 4th annual winter PDC

Well, we are pleased to announce our 6th PDC and our 4th Annual Winter PDC… we are looking to add to those 70 graduates who will be creating a regenerative future here in the Ohio/Miami Valley. This Course will kick off Friday, February 24th and continue for the next 4 weekends, concluding on Sunday, March 18th. This is our new compact course model to make it more accessible to folks living and working around the area. We will have class on friday from 6-9pm and on Saturday & Sunday from 9am to 7pm. The weekend of March 10th we will only have class on Saturday.

In this course you will learn the foundations of Permaculture Design Methods, Pattern awareness, How Ecosystems work, Food Forest design, Organic Gardening and how it fits in with a homestead, Green & Natural Building, Holistic Energy Theory (which is why Permaculture is so Important), Sustainable Energy, Regenerative Community Design, how to design regenerative homesteads, farms and communities and much much more.

The price is 675$ with a sliding scale for those who need it. If you would like to learn more or to register please contact Wade at: Info@This-land.org or by phone at 513-675-0468


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